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User Management
Configure User Management to fulfil your requirement. No more Wait for deployment.
Configure Dashboard yourself to fulfil your requirement. No more Wait for deployment.
Easy & configurable Payment Process to fulfil all Payment related Processing.
Billing & Components
Comprehensive & Configurable Billing & Rating.

About HCL IoT Partner Billing Solution

Welcome to HCL IOT Billing & Management Capability Prototype. Platform to Configure Billing & Management services for fulfilment of requirement.
Our Define, Build & Run offering and IoT solutions cater to organizations at different IoT adoption levels.
The Approach is structured around the emergence of an IoT ecosystem which has given rise to an asset value chain comprising of connections of things, data, process and people.

The solution approach is aligned to Core areas of asset value chain helping organizations accelerate time to market and increase cost saving. & the solution categories cater to the unique needs of connected users, connected products, connected infrastructure and connected operations which we are calling FAST – Force, Asset, Site and Transform respectively.

  • Scalability
  • Sales Enablement
  • Provisioning capability
  • Core Billing Capability
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Proven implementation
  • Custom Solution
  • Others
IOT Carrier Billing & Management Capability


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    Abhisek Das

    Project Manager
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    Art Director
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    Deon Hubert

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    Ella Wong



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    Lara Kunis

    CEO, Loop Inc
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    Ernie Kyllonen

    Project Manager,
    SmartBizz PTL
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    Lisa Stone

    CTO, Keort Inc
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    Deon Portalatin

    CFO, H&D LTD
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    Irina Savikova

    CEO, Tizda Motors Inc
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    Manager, Infomatic Inc
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