Math Incentive

Does your child hate learning math?  Impossible to make them practice their math operations?  Math Incentive was created with you in mind!  This educational game will engage your child to learn how to do basic math operations, with a twist.... they get an incentive at the end!  You won't believe how willing and excited your child will be to do math! 

This educational app can scale in difficulty from toddlers to grade schoolers.  Parents choose how many math questions to answer, math operations, difficulty and the incentive.  

Math Incentive has been tested and proven fun and effective by my highly qualified (and extremely picky) QA team.  This team consists of my little monkeys who are 3 and 5 years old :) 


Student list

Can have multiple students to learn math.

Math screen

Shows the math equation, coins earned, number of questions to answer and possible answers.

Math screen with hint

Click on the equation to get a hint.

Parent gate

Parent gate shown when settings button pressed.


Shows all settings for the application.

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