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AHP Recovery is dedicated to facilitating the addiction treatment of our clients by providing them with top-notch resources as well caring support at our drug rehab centers.

Read on to take a look at the various treatment techniques that will enable you to get down to the root causes of your addiction and treat the whole you, not just the withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction Research

Curabitur fringilla orci. With advanced addiction research, scientists have discovered that nearly half of all substance use disorders concern a mental disorder. We apply to dual diagnosis to treat both the addiction and mental illness simultaneously. By carving down to the root cause, you will be able to fully understand and heal from your conditions in a safe and secure environment.

Our addiction treatment center employ only the most experienced, trained, and compassionate mental health and addiction professionals to implement this treatment effectively.

The AHP Recovery

First with a strictly supervised detoxification and on to extensive therapy, we will diligently work to liberate you from the disease of addiction. You will be able to get your problems off your chest that you’ve been keeping in for so long.

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